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Hit the Road: Tips for First-Time Campervan Renters in Salt Lake City and Utah

Are you ready for an adventure in Utah? A campervan road trip is a perfect way to explore the natural wonders of this state. However, as a first-time campervan renter, you may feel overwhelmed by the process. That’s why we’ve gathered some essential tips to help you plan your campervan road trip in Salt Lake City and beyond.

Choose the Right Campervan Rental in Salt Lake City

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your campervan road trip is choosing the right rental company. You want to find a company that offers well-maintained vehicles and excellent customer service. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a campervan rental in Salt Lake City:

  1. Size: Consider the number of people in your group and the amount of gear you’ll be carrying. Choose a campervan that provides enough space for everyone to sleep and relax comfortably.
  2. Amenities: Different campervans come with different amenities. Some may have a kitchenette, a toilet, and a shower, while others may not. Think about what amenities are essential to you and choose a campervan that meets your needs.
  3. Price: Campervan rental prices vary depending on the size of the vehicle, the time of year, and the length of your rental. Be sure to compare prices from different rental companies to find a deal that fits your budget.

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Plan Your Campervan Road Trip in Utah

Utah is a vast state with many natural attractions to explore. To make the most of your campervan road trip, you’ll need to plan your route carefully. Here are some tips to help you plan your itinerary:

  1. Research the Best Destinations: Utah is home to many natural wonders, including national parks, state parks, and scenic drives. Do your research and create a list of must-see destinations.
  2. Create a Route: Once you’ve determined your destinations, create a route that maximizes your time and minimizes driving distances. Consider staying in campgrounds or RV parks along the way.
  3. Be Flexible: Keep in mind that weather conditions and other factors may affect your plans. Be flexible and willing to adjust your itinerary if needed.

Pack Smart for Your Campervan Road Trip

Packing for a campervan road trip requires some strategic planning. You’ll need to bring everything you need without overpacking. Here are some tips to help you pack smart:

  1. Make a Checklist: Create a packing checklist to ensure that you bring all the essentials. Your list should include clothing, toiletries, bedding, cooking supplies, and outdoor gear.
  2. Pack Light: Space in a campervan is limited, so pack only what you need. Avoid bringing too many clothes or unnecessary items.
  3. Consider Renting Gear: If you’re traveling by plane, you may not be able to bring all your gear. Consider renting items such as camping chairs, bikes, or kayaks from a rental company in Utah.


Q: Do I need a special license to drive a campervan in Utah?
A: No, a regular driver’s license is sufficient to drive a campervan in Utah.

Q: Can I park my campervan overnight anywhere in Utah?
A: No, overnight parking regulations vary depending on the city and county. Check the regulations before parking your campervan.

Q: Do I need to make reservations at campgrounds in Utah?
A: It’s recommended to make reservations, especially during peak season. Some campgrounds may fill up quickly, so it’s best to book in advance.